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Meet our Staff
Jonathon Waller
Web Designer

Jonathon joined the Park Center Law Group team in 2013 after finishing his degree at the University of California at Los Angeles in graphics design and computer science.

Tiffany Rodgers
Human Resource

Tiffany joined the Park Center Law Group in late 2013 after relocating to Santa Ana, California from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Jack Jzyk
Web Developer

Jack joined Park Center Law Group in 2015 and immediately contributed to the Park Center team with the development of an entirely new web presence.

Jason Baldwin
General Manager

Jason has been with the Park Center team since the firms inception in 2010.  Jason can be credited with assisting in the unbelievable expansion across state lines that the firm experienced between 2012 and 2014.

Jessica Dalize
Administrative Assistant

Jessica joined the firm as an intern in 2014 and then came on full time after her graduation in 2015.  She’s always a pleasure to have around and is known for her quick wit and infectious smile.